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Samsung Only


  • Chaitanya
  • 8, Nov 2017

Is this Samsung GR fits Samsung phones only? can I buy something for different phones?


  • Aachman
  • 13, Nov 2017

This can be use to any kinds of phone not only for Samsung phones, there are other VR gears that is also universal for all kinds of mobile phones which is much cheaper compared to Samsung gear VR because it does fir for Samsung phones.

Good Answer


  • Yadu
  • 13, Nov 2017 / Good Answers : 1

The good thing here is that this is a better fit for Samsung phones, but of course you can still use it for other kinds of phones and that is right there are like generic kinds of Gear VR that you can also purchase that is a bit cheaper that this.

Good Answer


  • Chaitanya
  • 13, Nov 2017

Thank you for all the information that you have shared here my good friends. i will just look for that other type of VR gear instead of buying one from Samsung which is yes a bit expensive for me, maybe a generic one.


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